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Doll Accessories

Don’t forget the added touches of doll accessories that make the doll clothing you chose extra special.  Shoes, bonnets and hats as well as underclothing like slips, pantaloons, or a chemise (See menu on left) are doll accessories that are available to complete that great dress or outfit?  The right doll clothing brings out the best in your doll and the right accessories finish the look so that the doll clothing you chose looks even better!! 

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What is the difference in baby dolls?

Character Baby Dolls (1910 – 1920’s) have a five part composition body with a bisque head. Most character baby dolls were made in Germany with the maker information inscribed on the back of their heads.  Character dolls were made to look like real children of the day for a more realistic doll.

Chubby Toddler Dolls (1930-1940’s) are an American made doll   The dolls are all composition with eyes that are either painted, tin sleep eyes or acrylic sleep eyes. Their bodies are upright with straight legs so that they can stand alone.  Composition chubby toddler dolls were made more economically and soon took the place of the bisque head German imported dolls (after the German firms went out of business).

Composition Baby Dolls (1925 – 1940’s) have a cloth with composition arms, legs, and head or all composition body.  The main identifying thing is that their legs are bent like a baby so they are not able to stand, but sit well with the support of the bent legs.    Made in the United States, composition baby dolls usually a cry box in the cloth torso. Quality varied with attention to detail, clothing, paints and eyes of  tin, paint and acrylic (which often crystallized with age).

Doll Jumper

The doll jumper has been a staple for dolls since  composition dolls came to the American market. If you are looking a a cute alternative to the doll dress, here is your option!  Doll jumpers continued to be popular for 50 years.   Antique Child Doll Restoration offers  a variety of colors, collar  types and bonnets for sale.  Fabric selections include an assortment of printed cotton in lawn, voile and quilt weight fabrics.  Selections include collars, vintage trims, belts, bonnets and hair bows.

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Doll jumper

Doll Jumper in pink

pink jumper

Pink print jumper with organdy collar and cradle cap bonnet.

doll jumper on composition doll

Composition baby in jumper

Jumper & Bonnet
Jumper Styles
Color Selection??

doll jumper detail

Rayon flowers and loop trim on organdy collar

Cradle cap bonnet

Organdy and cotton bonnet

Sold by catalogs and stores, Antique Child Doll Restoration replicates vintage styles for your doll. Take a look at real store catalog advertisements featuring the doll jumper.

doll jumper with bonnet

Bonnet, round neckline, cuff sleeve, gathered leg.

Doll jumper

Bonnet, square neckline, puffed sleeve, belt.

doll jumper with belt

No bonnet, square neckline, belted

doll jumper advertisement

Jumper, organdy apron collar and cuff, bonnet

Jumper Advertisement

Gathered legs, cuff sleeve, round organdy collar, no bonnet


Doll Christening Gown

Embroidered lawn baby doll christening gown for your antique and vintage baby doll.  This lovely gown is made  of light weight 100% cotton lawn.  There are rows and rows of pin tucks with an alternate pattern of heart embroidery between the rows of pintucks.  Down the front is a double row of clooney lace and delicate eyelet lace.  The baby doll christening gown hem line has an additional 3″ row of eyelet to finish off the hemline.  The length of the gown varies from twice the height of the doll to a bit more.  The matching cradle cap bonnet and other bonnets are  available for this christening gown through Antique Child, but sold separately by  (CLICKING HERE).  The slip that adds to the fullness of the baby gown goes underneath is not required but is often added.  The slip is a yoke style with serged arms and neck opening and lace at the hemline. It is an optional item available for purchase.

baby doll christening gown antique and vintage

Sizes – Bonnet – Slip

doll christening gown front view doll christening gown side view


String Dot Swiss Doll Dress

String Dot Swiss Doll Dress Set made to provide authentic details for your baby doll clothes, antique, vintage or modern. This is a highly desirable fabric in a shirt weight, not needing a slip. This baby doll dress set comes with dress and bloomers with matching bonnet (sold separately) also available in 100% cotton fabric and pre-WWII cotton trim. The fabric on this baby doll dress set is a soft white dimity-like squares with a light blue string dot design in each one that shows like an accent on the right side and from the back side has a more dramatic pattern. This is a great dress with a subtle, feminine affect.   As shown on the bonnet close-up, the brim of the bonnet is nice and wide, so with a little sizing added can be posed to stand up or halo the baby’s face so you get just the look you want.  The lace for this baby doll dress set is pre-1940 cotton that was old stock discovered in the cleaning of an old general store in the Midwest.  (booties on model not for sale)

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Dress & Bloomer Sizes
Special Instructions

string dot Swiss baby bonnet

Darling lace & fabric details

string doll baby doll bonnet details

Bonnet details with dots

Matching Bonnet
Special Instructions?

String dot Swiss baby doll dress set

Baby Doll Dress Set

string dot swiss baby dress

Side View

ByeLo Baby Gown

Replicated after an original ByeLo baby gown, this antique baby doll set includes a sheer cotton organdy bonnet and gown over a 100% cotton slip.  Every bit of this cotton organdy ByeLo baby gown set is authentic in details to original clothing the babies wore when new.  This set features antique cotton lace across the brim of the bonnet, at the cuffs, around the neck and 2 full rows down the front!  The style is A line, and rather full with a satin draw sting at the neck and cuffs for adjustment.  Set includes 100% cotton slip trimmed in old stock cotton lace from the 1940’s.  This style of  baby gown and bonnet was a common style for both bisque head and composition head baby dolls from 1910 to the 1940’s. 

antique organdy baby gown and bonnet Byelo Baby gown set





Dionne Quintuplet Dress and Bonnet Set

Have you been looking for a Dionne quintuplet dress and bonnet set that is authentic to the original?  You are not alone!  The 1935 Alexander Dionne Quintuplets dolls came in sizes7-24″ tall.  Some are all composition or composition  head, limbs with cloth body, molded painted hair, some with a wig.  Fashioned in real cotton organdy and old stock cotton lace, each Dionne quintuplet dress is hand dyed for the exact subtle pastel colors of pink, blue, purple, green and yellow.  Each Dionne quintuplet dress has a matching bonnet.  Because of the sheer nature of organdy, each Dionne is wearing a slip underneath.  Original Dionne’s came with either a slip or combination teddy/slip like the Shirley Temple onsie, both are available at Antique Child. Each Dionne doll had a clothing color associated with her as follows:  Annette – yellow, Cecile – green, Emelie – lavender, Marie – blue, Yvonne – pink    Dresses are made for the all composition, hard body baby and toddler dolls and  can be ordered separately or as a set.  The set here is for the 11″ set, but others are available upon request. Dress set includes DRESS & BONNET, Slip combination sold separately.  If you love this dress and bonnet set, but  would like it in a different size, it is available HERE.

Dionne Quintuplets Dress

Set of 5 or Individual

Quints dress set back

Dionne Quintuplet Onsie

Doll Sailor Suit

Who can resist a doll sailor suit?  This charming sailor suit  can be made to suit your boy or girl doll.  The boy version set includes draw string pants, front snap sailor uniform shirt with ties and sailor beret.    The girl version includes a gathered skirt with yoke bodice and sailor collar, blue ribbon tie and sailor beret.  This great sailor suit for your antique doll  is made of  100% cotton  antique white fabric with an allover tiny raised diamond pattern. This antique doll sailor suit can be fitted for a variety of dolls, including composition as well as bisque head character dolls.  As measurements might be slightly different, please include head size for beret and waist size.   If you need one for a ball jointed, leather body doll or composition child doll, please email me for details.

Color & Gender
Custom Details??

Antique Doll Sailor Suit

Doll Sailor Suit Boy Version

Doll sailor suit for antique dolls

Doll Sailor Suit Girl Version


Organdy Baby Doll Dress

Antique organdy baby doll dress set Antique organdy baby doll dress set  Antique organdy baby doll dress set bonnet

This truly charming antique organdy baby doll dress with matching bonnet is ideal for German bisque head babies and American composition baby dolls.  It  is sure to bring in the compliments with the delicate sheer material, lace accents and delicate design.  Made with the soft  look of authentic 100% cotton organdy. Puffed sleeves are full enough to  cover the cloth portion of a composition baby body. The organdy baby doll dress set is accented with cotton lace, pre-1940 old stock, rayon flowers and satin ribbon bows on the bodice.  Available in blue, yellow, pink & antique white. Many of the organdy baby doll dress sets have antique hemstitching details as were the antique baby dresses of the era. The organdy is a sheer material and it is recommended that a cotton slip & bloomers (also available)  be used underneath to conceal the doll’s body for just the right look.

Organdy Set

Hemstitch Baby Doll Dress Set

This Hemstitch Baby Doll Dress Set includes an organdy bonnet, baby doll dress and cotton batiste slip.  This dress set comes in assorted pastel colors with the example in cotton organdy fabric of the palest peach with a very light daisy pattern.  The 1940’s cotton lace was recently acquired as old store stock and is just lovely.  The lace on this hemstitched baby doll dress set is a pale peach with tiny flower and leaf design and attached with hemstitch at the edges. Additional hemstitch accents are added on the bonnet and hemline for an authentic fancy doll dress.  This dress is just yummy and the pictures do not do it justice.  AVAILABLE in other colors, this dress will really dress up your antique baby doll.

antique style peach hemstitch baby doll dress antique peach hemstitch baby doll dress and bonnet antique peach hemstitch baby doll dress set with matching bonnet

Sizes – Organdy

Flirty eyed black baby in peach organdy dress Organdy hemstitching black baby Organdy bonnet with hemstitch nad old lace * Available in *
* Peach/Pink

* Pastel Blue

* Pastel Yellow

* Antique White/White

Pink Organdy Doll Dress

This is a three-piece set, Pink Organdy Doll Dress set includes an organdy bonnet, organdy dress and batiste cotton slip.  Fabricated in real cotton organdy with cotton trim and accented with real hemstitching, this baby doll pink organdy doll dress set is absolutely darling.  Authentic hemstitching has been used to accent the bodice and hemline as well as attach the cotton lace on the puffed sleeves.  The organdy fabric is a pale pink with a tiny two leaf printed pattern.

Pink Organdy Doll Dress Pink Organdy Doll Dress with bonnet

hemstitch Pink Organdy Doll Dress and bonnet

Note hemstitch details on bonnet cap and ruffle.

Sizes – leaf pattern

Eyelet Christening Gown

 doll eyelet Christening gown antique white eyelet doll eyelet Christening gown antique white eyelet

Sizes – Antique White Eyelet

bonnet for eyelet christening gown antique white eyelet

Made of a semi-sheer 100% antique white  cotton lawn and eyelet, this baby doll eyelet christening gown set  features an antique white  eyelet panel down the front, eyelet on the bodice and eyelet puffed sleeves.  Also included is a matching  eyelet cradle cap for authentic  detailing.  The sleeves and bonnet are accented with antique white satin ribbon that slides in the eyelet holes to adjust to a exactly the right fit for your baby doll.    This baby doll eyelet christening gown and cradle cap set come in sizes 10-26.  Due to the sheer nature of this gown, a doll baby slip is recommended.

NOTE: This baby doll christening gown  fits many types (composition, bisque head & vinyl baby dolls).  If you are considering this darling gown for your doll and would like additional size details, please contact me.

Doll Christening Gown

Doll Christening gown and cradle cap

Doll christening gown and crade cap


crade cap and doll christening gown

Matching cradle cap and christening gown

Sizes – White

doll christening gown

Fabric details with 3 rows of pin tucks

The white cotton batiste material is semi-sheer 100% cotton with the most delicate embroidered flowers and lattice work included in the design at the hem, sleeves, bodice and bonnet.   Satin ribbons have been added to complete the added touches.   Three rows of pin tucks accent the christening gown skirt for authentic  detailing.   To complete the baby doll set is a matching cradle cap.  This baby christening gown and cradle cap set come in sizes 10-26.  Due to the sheer nature of this gown, a doll baby slip is recommended.

NOTE:  This baby doll christening gown fits many types (composition, bisque head & vinyl baby dolls).  If you are considering this darling gown for your doll and would like additional size details, please contact me.

Baby Doll Dress Set in Navy Check

Made in a light weight cotton, this baby doll dress set in navy blue check pattern  with a white organdy yoke in a slightly larger check.  Trim on this dress is rayon, like the antique and vintage dresses!  Included with the dress is a matching bonnet.  The style of this baby dress, but would work well on a toddler doll or a doll with an arm that has a cloth upper arm.  The baby doll dress set is made with a longer puffed sleeve to cover the cloth portion of the upper arm if a stuffed body doll.  With elastic in the sleeve, it can be pushed up for a puffier affect.   Available sizes include 10-26 and custom sizes.

Baby dress navy blue squares and rayon ric rac trim

Baby doll dress shown on vinyl body doll.

baby dress navy blue square matching bonnet

Matching bonnet -double row  vintage ric rac & rayon lace

Baby dress of blue squares bonnet up

Bonnet brim displayed up

Navy Check Baby Dress

Diamond Baby Doll Dress

Made of 100% cotton, this darling antique white,  diamond baby doll dress set has an allover tiny raised diamond pattern.  Featuring puffed sleeves, trimmed with rayon cotton flower lace, this baby doll  dress comes with a matching bonnet.  This pattern was designed for the soft body baby dolls, with the puffed sleeve longer to cover the cloth portion at the top of the arm, so be aware that using this dress on any other type of baby doll dress might be too long for your taste.   Available in sizes 10-26.

Diamond Baby doll Dress

Side view of antique white baby dress with matching bonnet

Antique style Diamond Baby doll Dress

Antique white baby dress made of 100% cotton with tiny allover diamond pattern

Sizes – Diamond

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