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Antique German Dolls

Antique German dolls for sale275 Heubach Kopplesdorf for saleAntique German Dolls For Sale!
11″ German 275-18/o Heubach Kopplesdorf


11″ German 275-18/o Heubach Kopplesdorf bisque shoulder head child doll, which is usually attributed to Gerbruder Heubach company is free of damage or repairs. She has a full mohair wig, one stroke brows, brown set eyes, full cheeks and wonderful coloring.  Her body is made of oilcloth and has no sawdust leaks.  Her lower arms are bisque.  Dressed as Miss Muffet in a darling cotton dress and bonnet, along with full underclothing and oilcloth shoes with a wedding ring buckle, this cabinet size doll is ready to display.
AM 390 doll all originalAM 390 doll antique German dollsFactory Original AM 390

14″ Germany 390n A 3/0 M


14″  Germany 390n A 3/0 M ALL ORIGINAL child doll.  Rare in the aspect that she is a treasure because you seldom find factory original dolls. Her bonnet and shoes have been added, while all else is original. It is wonderful to see what a doll would have looked like purchased so many years ago.  Her body is 5 piece composition.  She is free of damage or repairs and ready for display.
CM Bergman 1916CM Bergman 1916

24″ CM Bergman German child doll marked 1916.


24″ CM Bergman German child doll marked 1916. Featuring a very long human hair wig and lovely brown eyes, this beauty is dressed in her original organdy dress and brown leather shoes. She is loaded with charm and quality. It is believed that Armand Marsielle was the actual maker of the heads for CM Bergman.  She has a high crown crack that is in the shape of a U under her wig, which does not show and does not run anywhere so it does not affect her charm and beauty.
Kestner 171Kestner 171

19″ Kestner D 1/2 Made in 8 1/2 171.


19″ Kestner child doll marked D 1/2 Made in 8 1/2 171.  This doll has wonderful bisque and displays all the quality we have come to expect from Kestner dolls.  She is wearing a cotton plaid dress with a crochet pinafore and matching hat.   Her shoes are original as well as her socks.
CW 8 German child dollCW 8 German child doll face view

11″ child doll marked Germany 8 CW 9/o


11″ child doll marked Germany 8 CW 9/o is an uncommon doll because she is FACTORY ORIGINAL, wearing the clothes she was sold in 100 years ago as well as her original socks and matching shoes. Her body is a 5 piece rough finish composition. Her facial decoration is full of color.  Her eyes sleep well and her wig is full.
AM 390 boyAM 390n boy doll factory originalFactory Original AM 390

19″ Factory original AM 390 boy doll

19″ TOTALLY Factory original AM 390 boy doll. The work on his clothing is intricate little stitches, absolutely wonderful and has tons of detail. The only thing that I added was the tie. His shoes are point, like a French style with metal buckles. His mohair wig is like a Dutch boy, full and original.  He has no damage and is ready for shelf display.
Gerbruder Heubach character child faceGerbruder Heubach character child

12 1/2″ Gerbruder Heubach character child doll marked 6983


12 1/2″ RARE Gerbruder Heubach character child doll 1912, marked 6983 2 1/2 with the early Sunburst insignia and interwoven G & H (since 1882) with DEP underneath.  The model number is not listed in any of the literature I have on the maker, but is guaranteed to be as represented. This darling child doll has her original mohair wig. Her breastplate head has unusually large, expressive eyes and an open mouth with rounded teeth. Her body is leather with hinged lower bisque arms and has a factory original label “Majestic Manufacturing.” on the breast. When she came to me she was wearing a corderoy outfit which will sent along with her purchase. Wearing an appropriate dress, bonnet and pantaloons, she is ready for you!
Kestner composition character boyKestner composition character boy

18″ Kestner body, compo head character boy


18″ Kestner marked leather body, composition unmarked head character boy. This doll has a mohair wig, sleep eyes, dimples and 2 painted teeth. Dressed in a satin dandy suit with lots of details, matching hat, cap,  and shirt, this boy doll is shelf ready.  The doll was a commissioned doll for Butler Brothers distribution through their warehouse in NYC at the turn of the last century. As a commissioned doll, a store would order them for their toy lines so Butler Brothers would commission companies to manufacture them, generally getting the bodies and heads from separate sources.   Free of defects, this doll is ready for shelf display.
Gerbruder Heubach 10532Gerbruder Heubach 10532

Gerbruder Heubach marked 10532


20″ Gerbruder Heubach marked 10532 and square Heubach, 1920 Gerbruder Heubach is best known for the character dolls in the smaller sizes.  This RARE doll is on a ball jointed  toddler body where as, if ever found, it was on a 5 piece toddler body, not the intricate ball joints.
Character German toddler marked KW 10Character German toddler marked KW 10

Character toddler marked KW 10


22″ Character toddler, marked KW (in a circle) 10 (at neck) 1910, ALL ORIGINAL, mohair wig, toddler body. The company that made this doll, Kohl & Wengenroth of Offenbach, Germany, was small with little information available except they were founded in 1864 and made character dolls during the first several decades of the 20th century. Because the company was so small it is assumed that they did as many firms did and acquired supplies from larger firms. The head mold is very close to ones produced by Kammer & Reinhardt. Acquired from the original owner, who was an only child and had no children of her own, this doll is in like-new condition wit absolutely no defects.  As an added bonus this doll comes with a complete wardrobe and trunk. 3900
Wonderful selection of antique German dolls, inventory contently changing.

Kaiser Character Baby

For sale is this darling Kaiser character baby with 10″ bisque head on a  composition body character  from circa 1910.  Commonly called a Kaiser Baby, the head is unmarked with brush stroke hair and painted eyes.  The body is a 5 piece baby body in good condition with no flaking or peeling.  The baby wears a school boy type pants and blouse that I made years ago of 100% cotton and hand done lace. He wears tiny antique oilcloth boots.  The body and head are unmarked.  Kammer and Reinhardt were know to be the maker of this model, but it was copied by other German makers of the day.  $199.00

Kaiser Bisque Head Composition Character Baby

Kaiser Bisque Head Composition Character Baby

Kaiser Character Baby

Detailed Clothing and Oilcloth Shoes for Character Baby

Kaiser Bisque Character Baby

AM Character Baby

10″ cabinet size bisque head Character baby circa 1910.  Marked AM 328, (Armand Marsielle) this baby has loads of character.  Her blue glass eyes that are fixed and she has two teeth on the bottom.  Her bisque is smooth and of nice quality.  Her body is a composition paper mache with a flat light pink finish with  fingers and nails outlined in red.  She wears an antique linen gown with attractive details, embroidered front apron and love knot bonnet with blue accents.  $145.00

AM Character Baby

AM Character Baby

AM Character Baby

Body detail AM Character Baby

AM Character Baby

1920 Nippon Character Baby – Bisque Head

13″ 1910 bisque head with composition body.  This baby is marked with a Yammamoto Nippon  mark on the back of the head.  She has a mohair wig in good condiditon, sleep eyes, open mouth with 2 teeth and is wearing a croquet bonnet and cotton gown with eyelet bodice. She has no damage to hear or body.  $145.00 (more photos available upon request)


Nippon Bisque head Character Baby

Nippon Bisque head Character Baby

1920 Nippon Character Baby

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