Doll Shoes – Oil Cloth and Antique Styles

Doll Shoes!!!

Dress your doll in replica doll shoes  that rival the authenticity of antique oilcloth doll shoes.    Styles range from  oilcloth button & snap doll shoes, lace up doll shoes & boots.  A variety of buckles are used to add just the right look for your special doll. Custom* sizes and styles available upon request.
* No refunds on Custom orders

Oilcloth Doll Shoe Size Chart

The image for oilcloth doll shoe size chart is not to actual size.  Please refer to size measurements.

Size Length Width (across widest)

Antique Child oilcloth shoes size chart

Oilcloth Shoe Size Chart

Available in Buff, Antique White and Black, Antique Child Doll Restoration is happy to offer you the BEST replica shoes that you will find anywhere on the market.  The oilcloth doll shoe size chart is for approximate sizes. Each pair is hand made for authentic detail featuring REAL OIL CLOTH with brass and metal buckles just like the antique classics.Custom colors to match your special outfit available upon request.  NOTE:  When sizing for shoes, order 1/8″ clearance, heel and toe for correct size. Size Chart displays DIFFERENTLY on different monitors. PLEASE refer to measurements provided.
1 3 3/4″ 1 7/8″
2 3 1/2″ 1 6/8″
3 3 1/4″ 1 5/8″
4 3″ 1 1/2″
5 2 3/4″ 1 3/8″
6 2 1/2″ 1 1/4″
7 2 1/4″ 1 14″
8 2″ 1″
9 1 3/4″ 7/8″
10 1 1/2″ 7/8″
11 1 1/4″ 3/4″
** Your shoes will be shipped in a box specifically designed to ensure your shoes arrive in pristine condition.

Oilcloth Doll Shoes

Oilcloth doll shoes are an authentic classic design and hand made.  The oilcloth doll shoes are fabricated in the studio, individually assembled to look like the antique oilcloth doll shoes of years gone by.  Available in three styles of either black and antique white color, the  shoes have authentic details with grosgrain shoe strings, scalloped edges and thin cardboard soles.  Several buckle styles are available for a custom doll shoe, with the standard silver oval or silver square buckle as standard styles.   Popular with dolls of the 1880’s and through the 1940’s, oilcloth doll shoes are a staple for appropriately dressing your antique or vintage doll.

    Classic Design authentic oilcloth doll shoes bloack oilcloth doll shoes

Oilcloth Shoes – no buckle

oilcloth doll shoes buckle selection white oilcloth doll shoes with gold buckle

White Oilcloth Shoes – WITH buckle
Buckle Choice

black oilcloth doll shoes with square silver buckle

Black Oilcloth Shoes – WITH buckle
Buckle Choice


Doll Socks

Doll Socks are available in several styles.  The doll socks are fabricated here at Antique Child Doll Restoration from fabric taken from a bolt of fabric.  The fabric content available is a light weight rayon, rayon and cotton blend and cotton.  The fabric is very light weight and ideal for dolls.  There is small ribbon on the socks.  The socks are made in a tube form to accommodate a heel placement for any size foot.  The socks are cut to order so please indicate the length you would like the socks as well as around the calf so the appropriate diameter  is sent.

doll socks black doll socks in cotton white doll socks in cotton

Calf & Length Measurement

French Style Doll Shoes

Replica French style doll shoes are a classic ankle ties doll shoes done in faux leather, accented with metal eyelets, and scalloped edge toe with stitching and hole accents.  The French Style doll shoe is the perfect style of doll shoes for antique dolls that you would like to have a pointed toe shoe on.

Classic French Style Doll Shoes Classic French style ankle tie doll shoe French Style doll shoe
Sizes – while



Leather Antique Style Doll Shoe

 These soft white leather shoes are designed and styled to fit the antique German 18″ Kestner 171 and type  doll. The shoe is a classic German round toe shoe with a leather bow accented with a brass buckle and a silk ribbon tie. For size reference chart for size 5.

Leather German Antique Doll Shoe Kestner 171




Leather German Antique Doll Shoe Kestner 171

Leather Doll Shoe

Oilcloth Booties!

Compare the Details of the authentic replica oilcloth baby bootie!
oilcloth bootiesIMG_6909 Compare the Antique with the Replica (black background is replica)


Oilcloth Booties! 
Originally sold on Bubbles, Lovum, Dimples & other name brand composition babies
made by Effanbee, Ideal, Horsman and others, these oilcloth doll booties are made from
patterns taken from old oilcloth booties for authentic replication of the antique versions.
Buff Color.  Bootie size is toe to heel length. Custom sizes available too!
Size 1   1 1/2 ”   Size 2  2″  Size 3  2 1/2″  Size 4   3″
Oilcloth Booties
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 Process & FAQ

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