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Belton German Doll


8"  bisque head marked O Belton German doll8" Belton German doll bisque head 5 piece body doll

For Sale 8″ Belton German Doll.  This  type made of doll was made by various German manufactures, including Bahr,  Proschild, Kestner, Simon and Halbig and others. The bisque head has a straight socket like French dolls and is marked O. The body is a crude composite made with a cardboard torso and paper mache arms and legs. Her wig is blond mohair. Her eyes are the tiniest dark brown with pupils and are stationary. Her mouth is slightly open and shows 2 square teeth. She comes dressed in a drop waist cotton dress with embroidery embellishing the bodice, collar & sleeves. She also sports a matching hat with antique lace and cotton pantaloons. Her feet are darling painted Mary Jane shoes.


Kestner Bisque Doll

7" All bisque Kestner doll marked Germany doll marked 3 7" All bisque German Kestner bisque doll

Kestner bisque doll made in Germany doll, marked  ?43 Germany, probably made by Kestner and Company in the 1910 time period.  She has a  stationary neck, mohair blond wig, 1 stroke brows, sleep eyes, closed mouth, and painted on brown Mary Jane shoes, molded socks with blue band.  Her joints are the nicer tie type rather than the wire strung pint type.  She is free of damage or repairs.   Her outfit is a straw hat decorated with paper flowers and ribbon.  The  cotton dress featuring several rows of hemstitching and embroidered flowers with antique lace at the neck.

4 Bisque Toddlers

These 4 bisque toddlers!  These prime vintage  dolls are 5 inch tall each and made of painted bisque.  They are in great condition!  Each doll is  wearing a one piece shift of different colors.  Their bodies are all bisque with a frozen head and stringing for the arms and lets. They are each marked on back Japan and are typical of doll produced in the 1940’s vintage.  When these dolls were sold new they were sold as a set.  I do not have the box, but with the popularity of the Dionne Quintuplets, many dolls were sold in sets of 5.  Price $85.00 for the set of 4

4 Bisque Toddlers dolls Japan


4 All Bisque Toddlers – Japan

Bisque Flapper Doll

All bisque flapper doll with painted eyes from the 1920’s.  She  is  dressed in a tradition dress of the period featuring a white eyelet dropped waist dress.  Her head-wear features her wearing a feather flapper hat over a blond mohair wig to highlight the Roaring 1920’s and the advent of women fashions of the period.   Her arms and legs are attached with wire loops. There is no damage or repairs  to the body of this flapper doll.  $145.00

All Bisque doll

All Bisque Flapper

All Bisque doll for sale

All Bisque Flapper

 All Bisque Flapper doll All Bisque Flapper doll  All Bisque doll back side
All Bisque Child Doll

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 Process & FAQ

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Just wanted to let you know that I found a stand for Dolly, and put her on my antique side by side in my bedroom. She is my favorite china :0) I pinned...

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