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Learn Doll Repair Contract

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learn doll repair

Antique Child agrees to:

Teach a full course to learn doll repair and doll restoration, including but not limited to composition, porcelain, paper mache, etc. and furnish (student’s name) _______________________   Address _________________________

City _____________________  State ____   Zip ____________  Phone ______________

Email ______________________ with the following items:

  • Air brushes (2)
  • Hog ring pliers
  • A safety respirator designed specifically for the materials to be used in class consisting of lacquer thinner, acrylic enamel, reducer and primer
  • Special tools for working on dolls eyes
  • Paint supplies (basics to get started right!)
  • Dust masks for use in sanding materials including but not limited to: Fillers, Putty, Plaster, Composition, Paper Mache
  • All materials needed to work on dolls WHILE IN CLASS except doll parts, dolls, wigs or accessories or clothing, these are extra and those listed in the “Bring List” stating what the student must furnish, and if the student is unable to obtain some of the materials listed in that list, Antique Child will offer those items to purchase as a reasonable price or inform the student where they can purchase those items. Dolls are dealt with separately—see bring list.

Each student who completes the seminar to learn doll repair and restoration will be given a certificate of completion.

The Above and undersigned student agrees that he or she has read the above and understands that some or all of the material used in doll repair may be hazardous and toxic, and agrees upon signing this contract to NOT hold Antique Child and/or Janie or Kirk Nafsinger, separately and/or collectively, responsible for any exposure or harm from those materials either during the seminar or at any time thereafter. Above and undersigned student further agrees to take personal responsibility for any accidents or injuries they may have while attending the seminar, or for any injuries they may occur in the future from using said materials , having been informed of the possible toxicity of their use.

Antique Child and/or Janie or Kirk Nafsinger, separately and collectively agree to furnish, to the best of their knowledge and ability, adequate safety equipment and information for the student to use during the time they are participating in the above seminar, and to take precautions to the best of their ability and knowledge to protect the student, and information needed for the student to know what they will need to protect themselves from those and other materials they may use in doll restoration, and to inform the student which materials are hazardous and toxic so they may make an informed choice to use them. Above and undersigned student herewith acknowledges all health warnings and also the warning that if there is any chance they may be pregnant, they should test to find out if pregnancy is present, and if so, not to take the seminar as the materials used could be harmful to an unborn child.

(Student’s name) ______________________________________________ agrees to the following financial terms.

To pay Antique Child the sum of $4,800.00 for the seminar to learn doll repair and restoration. The first $500 is a deposit, non-refundable for any reason except cancellation of the seminar by Antique Child, and is to be paid for in the form of a money order or certified check at the time the contract is signed and returned . The balance, $4,300.00, is to be paid on orientation day, the first day of the seminar. Balance may be paid with money order, certified check or credit card through Pay Pal.

Student signature___________________________________________   Address _______________________________________________________

Contact Phone & Email _____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Antique Child authorized representative________________________________

Your cashiers check or money order is your receipt for your deposit to learn doll repair. A receipt for the full amount of the seminar will be furnished to you upon full payment. If you would like a copy of this contract signed by us after you have signed and returned it, you can pick it up at the time of the seminar, or make an extra copy WITH YOUR signature and mail it when you send in your contract, and we will sign it and return it to you.  

Restoration Seminars
Please indicate Seminar Date

Full 14 Day Seminar Doll List

The full 14 day seminar doll list will allow you to learn the most skills with the least amount of dolls. You learn doll repair  is targeted to teach skills in doll repair and allow for  practice time in doll repair techniques that you will encounter the most often in your doll repair business.  The doll repair seminar format has a targeted syllabus for each day’s targeted tasks in doll repair seminar.     Be SURE to bring at least two sets of old clothes for the doll repair seminar! Whatever you get this kind of paint on is permanently ruined, so bring/wear clothes that you don’t mind ruining.Two sets so you can have one to wear and one to wash. You probably won’t need much in the way of good clothes, most of your time will be spent in the studio.

In winter, the studio is cool in the mornings so sweatshirts are ideal to start the day, shedding it later in the day. Summer classes to learn doll repair may be cool in the mornings or hot all day, so prepare for either.

You will need these dolls to work on to learn doll repair:

  1. Composition and cloth 20” to 25” long with sleep eyes that needs FULL restoration–in other words, all the paint removed and repainted, along with missing or damaged fingers, toes, etc.
  2. One ALL composition doll at least 18” long that needs fully repainted,that is, all the old paint removed and completely redone.
  3. Composition doll of either type with painted eyes, no smaller than 18”, that needs fully repainted
  4. If you own several of one or more types, please bring two or three and let me help you decide which one you will get the most learning experience from.
  5. Antique bisque shoulder head with damaged shoulder plate,with a kid body; and a kid body that needs work, either belonging to the above shoulder head or separate.
  6. Antique china doll head, with damaged shoulder plate.
  7. An ALL Hard plastic doll at least 14” tall (all hard plastic from the 50’s, not later plastic or vinyl and plastic ) — such as Sweet Sue,Nanette, Toni, etc.)
  8. Old bisque head doll with compo/paper mache ball jointed body, head can be okay but body must need work, or you can bring just the body to work on if desired.
  9. You will need a GOOD but messed up mohair wig–it can come on the above dolls or be separate– and a good but messed up human hair wig–it’s better if they come on the dolls.
  10. If you have a compo doll or doll head that has “crystallized” eyes–(looks like it has cataracts) bring it along, you will be learning to do iris transplants. If not, I have old eyes you can learn doll repair to eyes on.
  11. Any other doll you think you might want to work on in class such as paper mache–we work in all we have time for.
  12. One larger( 20” or more) vinyl doll with rooted hair that needs cleaning and the wig washed and restyled, (this doll should be no later than the 60’s if possible)
  13. One hard plastic doll, like a Toni or Madam Alexander that needs cleaning and/or repainting.

If you don’t have some of the above dolls to learn doll repair, let me know and I will help you find them. Do NOT bring NEW broken bisque or dolls that are broken in the face.  We do no work on celluloid doll head or parts.  The material proves to be unstable and tends to shatter.

Learn Doll Repair and Restoration

Learn doll repair and restoration …And other general seminar information

Overview -The full seminar to learn doll repair and restoration  is 14 consecutive days of work and instruction. There are no days off. This does NOT include arrival or departure days. Space in any given seminar to learn doll repair and restoration is awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis, limited to 3 students due to the intensive one on one instruction. Should your reservation & contract be received after a class is filled, your funds will be returned, and you will have priority for the next seminar. Should your deposit not be received by the deadline date, (without prior arrangements of non-receipt) it is assumed that you are not interested in the seminar at this time.

Seminars to learn doll repair are usually scheduled for the convenience of the student, based on coordinating time schedules of Janie Nafsinger and the student’s. It is to the student’s advantage to be first to schedule a seminar as following students will be required to accommodate an already set schedule.


MAJOR things you will learn AND DO IN CLASS during the Doll Restoration Career Seminar are:

  • Full restoration of composition doll
  • How to do invisible repair to broken bisque and china
  • Restoration of kid, cloth , composition and paper mache bodies on antique dolls
  • Doll stringing
  • Setting eyes of all kinds in dolls
  • Applying new eye lashes to dolls
  • Cleaning and removing stains from vinyl dolls
  • Cleaning, repairing and painting hard plastic dolls
  • Restoring wigs and rooted hair
  • Iris transplants to restore eyes of old composition dolls
  • Rebuilding body parts
  • Restoring old clothing
  • Using an air brush to do professional painting, training and practice
  • Sources for materials
  • How to get your business started
  • How to price your work

. . .  And everything else you need to know to open and run a professional doll hospital, including some tools that are custom made. You will also be given material on how to get started, including attracting customers, how much to charge for repairs, and plans for a paint booth ( for air brushing).

Cost – The cost of the seminar to learn doll repair is $4,800.00. (REMEMBER, THIS IS CAREER TRAINING). A deposit of $500 is required when you sign up and the seminar time schedule is agreed upon. This is non-refundable unless WE cancel the seminar. Deposit to be paid with a certified check, money order or credit card (Pay Pal). The deposit is used to buy the supplies and materials you will use in class, payment for custom made tools you cannot buy anywhere else, a top of the line air brush set, as well as cover expenses of setting up the seminar. Deposit is non-refundable, balance of career training due the first day of the class (orientation day). Cash for balance is always appreciated due to avoid credit card fees.

HOW IS THIS TRAINING DIFFERENT FROM OTHERS? If this sounds expensive, remember that this is career training–you can develop a clientele and make a living at it, just like any other career. Other schools that teach doll restoration make you pay for the course of study, then when you get there, you pay for all the material you use in class. The cost of our seminar to learn doll repair covers all the materials you use in class, except dolls or doll parts, wigs, clothing, or other things you might want to buy extra that are not necessary to the class. The materials furnished for the class cost about $500.

LODGING – There are reasonably priced motels within 15 minutes, if you wish. Students are welcome to utilize on-sight guest facilities. Also available is a camping area (with RV dump & limited hook-ups) that overlook the Snake River Valley and Owyhee mountain range. Lodging is NOT included in the price of the seminar, it is a courtesy. I don’t charge for it. If you stay with us, you fix your own own breakfast and lunch from things we have on hand or you can provide your own.

Dinner is provided for you.

Laundry Facilities – You are also welcome to use the laundry facilities during the seminar whether or not you are staying with us. You are responsible for your own laundry during your stay. If you want clean sheets you have to wash them yourself. In other words, this is just all a courtesy, no maid service included! Letting you stay with us is just to help you get more from the seminar and to save you money.

Partner or multi-person Seminars – The cost of the seminar is per person—husband and wife, business partners, friends who want to attend together, will receive a discount of $500. Each person will restore his/her own dolls, and restore the same number of dolls, so if you take the seminar together EACH of you will need to bring the items on the “bring list.”

What should I bring? Please check out the the “bring list link,” which details what you will need to bring to the seminar, and your signed contract, which states what you get for your money. If you are unable to attend the seminar, but wish to participate in a future one, call or e-mail for the next available dates. Although I MAY state the dates of the next seminar, there is some flexibility and I try to get the best dates for all when I can.

Schedule – Career training seminars are limited to three students per seminar, but many seminars only have one student. This is career training. It is hard work—labor intensive. We work for 14 straight days, and each day a certain goal must be reached in order to crowd in all you need to learn.

It takes 14 full work days to complete all the things you need to learn– therefore, the day you arrive is not counted, nor the day you leave. If you wish to ship items home before you leave, it will be necessary to allow another day to pack and ship them–you can’t do it on the 14th day, as that day is needed to complete the work, and you probably won’t have time on the day you leave to pack and mail it, so you need to allow an extra day. We don’t mind having you for the extra time. You will need to allow time for packing (usually about three hours) before you leave, so your public transportation hours should allow for that on the day you leave,not the day before.You will not have time to pack the day before you leave, and your items you have restored may not even be dry enough to pack that day.

If we are on schedule, we work from 10 A.M. to 7 P.M., but usually will take longer. When we run late, we stop for a quick supper and then go back to work until everything is done that needs to be done that day. A lot of hand and machine sanding is required, so you will spend long hours sanding.

Almost all the time you are working in class, I am present answering all your questions and giving you information. You will need to take notes just as you would in any college course. I hand out few written materials (except for the pricing of your work and so forth) because I feel students learn and remember better and pay more attention if they have to write it down themselves.

Cameras and Recorders – You may also bring a camera to take “before” and “after” pictures of your work. I give everyone all the time they need to write everything important down and make sure each student has it before we move on, plus I encourage students to review their notes every evening or first thing in the morning before we start and write down any questions they may have for the next day. Instruction is truly one-on-one. If you don’t have a camera, I have a digital camera that puts photos on thumb drives, and I will be happy to take your photos and give you the drive to take home at no extra charge.

I don’t mind if you bring a tape recorder, but the students who have tried it found it doesn’t work very well, because I talk all the time to both students, so the tapes don’t prove to be very helpful, as each student is working on something different and questions and answers on the tape soon become pretty meaningless.

Smokers – There may be smokers present. No smoking in the studio. Smoke breaks are at the discretion of the student, you take breaks whenever you wish—each student works individually with one-on-one instruction, so breaks are never a problem

Instructor Support – Once you have completed our seminar, I am available to you at any time by phone or email for information or to answer any questions that come up. I also continue to investigate new materials and develop new techniques, and when I come up with something new or a better way of doing things (there is always room to learn) I pass the information on to all former students. I continue to help you learn things like how much you should pay for dolls to restore for yourself.

Transportation – If you wish to take public transportation to Boise, we will provide transportation to and from terminals. If you have any other questions, feel free to call us at 208-850-7381 or e-mail me at janie@antiquechild.com Best times to call are between 10 A.M. and 10 P.M. Mountain time. You are welcome to make a visit and see where you will be working and see some of the things you will be learning, but I need at least 48 hours notice for your visit.

Thanks, hope to see you soon. Janie Nafsinger


If you suffer from any chronic health problems, such as breathing illnesses, this course is probably too difficult for you. I can’t stress strongly enough that to learn doll repair and  doll restoration involves difficult, tedious work, and this is a labor-intensive course, as it would have to be to absorb so much information into 14 days. Please consider carefully whether or not you will be able to sit and sand for long hours, or stand using the airbrush for several hours at a time. You will not have to work that kind of hours once you are on your own and working at your own pace, but you will need the stamina to stay with it for 14 full days while you are here.

IF THERE IS ANY CHANCE YOU ARE PREGNANT or MAY BECOME PREGNANT, be sure to take a pregnancy test and make sure you are NOT pregnant. You will be working with a variety of chemicals which could be hazardous to an unborn child, and if you are of child bearing age you will be asked to sign an affidavit that you have taken a pregnancy test and know you are not pregnant.

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 Process & FAQ

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