Brass Buckle Dress n Jumper

Cute antique doll dress with matching bloomers or jumper !    The photos do not do justice to the authentic details of the fabric  because you can not really see the subtle old rose print and accents of the 100% cotton fabric. The rose colored flat lace and looped ruche trim is old stock from the 1920’s  and 1930’s!  Both dress and jumper  are  accented with brass buckles that accessorize the hang tabs on the shoulders and the belt at the waist. The inspiration for the doll dress and doll jumper was taken from a vintage catalog and are as authentic as you can get, coming from Germany a couple of years ago when I was in Sonneberg.

The brass buckle dress n jumper is appropriate for American made composition dolls such as the Mama doll modeling the dress.  The jumper is appropriate for American made composition dolls, such as toddler types and boy dolls,  as well as the German toddler  dolls modeling in the photos.  The age of the dolls wearing the brass buckle dress n jumper are  close in age by just a few years, essentially 1920’s.  The model dolls are a 1927 Dolly Rekord Mama doll and a Simon Halbig 122B flirty eyed black doll on a toddler body. .

Available in the same fabric as the brass buckle dress n jumper is a matching bonnet or large organdy bow, both common of the era for these dolls.


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brass buckle dress n jumper for antique and composition dolls

Mama doll dress n Jumper

100% cotton fabric for doll dresses
Mama doll dress with marching bloomers Mama doll brass buckle dress with organdy bow brass buckle dress accent belt and lapels
Simon Halbig flirty toddler in jumper IMG_6840 Flirty eye Simon Halbig 122b wearing brass accessory jumper


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Wow Janie, they look fantastic! "Sally" will be so happy to have her shoes back.

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