Bisque and China Dolls to Bring

This is a combined list for both the bisque and china doll 5 day seminars.  If you are wanting to learn about just bisque dolls  or just china dolls, disregard all that is not relevant to you.   Because the list is for a combined 5 days, you will need to bring extra dolls for the Bisque Only or China Doll Only seminars.  Please contact me and we can discuss your needs as these seminars are designed with the student needs in mind. The goal is to take you from what you already know to expand and enhance your knowledge in the areas of YOUR interest. The seminars are for you so help me out and let me know what you would like to do. 

Bisque and china dolls to bring to this seminar may not address all the needs of every doll you bring, but in bringing more than is needed, a good selection will be available for instructional and application purposes. There is no problem with bringing extra dolls to assure good selection.

Bisque and China Dolls to Bring

  1. 3-4 Antique bisque shoulder head with damaged shoulder plate, with kid bodies. The kid body to learn doll repair  on at least one must need work, or bring a separate separate body that needs work. At least two dolls should have once have had eyelashes that are now missing or partly missing.
  2. 2-3 Antique bisque head dolls with compo/paper mache ball jointed bodies. 1 of the bodies should be a 5 part German baby body. The heads on the bodies may be okay or need repair! This is the bisque/china seminar, they can be among the ones you bring to repair in class. The heads should have a crack (no facial cracks or breaks), and body must need work, or you can bring a separate body to work on if desired. They should not have major composition loss, but require patching of cracks and rebuilding of missing or damaged fingers, toes, etc. This seminar does not include instruction on a full repaint, but focuses on repair, patching and accessory skills. The bodies should not have any missing parts.  Dolly Madison Bisque and China Dolls to Bring
  3. 2 Wigs – If the dolls you bring to learn doll repair on do not have wigs, bring 3-4 with you to work on.
    1) Mohair wig- You will need a GOOD but messed up mohair wig–it can come on the above dolls or be separate.
    2) Human hair wig – good but messed up human hair wig–it’s better if they come on the dolls.
  4. 2-3 Antique china head dolls to learn doll repair on. At least one must have a damaged shoulder plate (you will not have time to do face breaks requiring painting the features in this class.) In addition, at least one must require work on the body. You will be shown details of china doll bodies for fabrication and/or replacement.

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Just wanted to let you know that I found a stand for Dolly, and put her on my antique side by side in my bedroom. She is my favorite china :0) I pinned...

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