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Lear doll repair July 2015Where to begin…

 This journey began several years ago, when the wonderful French doll that I had purchased from France, arrived with literal rolling in her fragile head, eyeballs. The shock that a seller who regularly deals in fine dolls, would not have taken the pate off, stuffed the head with tissues,  to prevent this near disaster, stunned me. The cost of shipping her back was prohibitive, made no financial sense. So, next thing to do, was to find a skilled doll restorer. My search led me to Janie Nafsinger via the Internet.  Little did I know at that time, that those tossed around eyeballs would lead me to an amazing experience in the realm of doll restoration! My inclinations are generally in the “do it myself” realm, but with dolls, my knowledge was limited at best. When I saw that Janie also offered doll restoration classes, I was most intrigued. After calling Janie, I decided that I would gift myself the course in doll restoration for my upcoming 60th birthday. If not now, when, was my thought! My gift to myself was the BEST birthday gift ever! I can’t say enough good things about that two week experience of living, learning, hands-on doing, dining, laughing, sharing, intense doll restoration experience! Not only did I leave Antique Child with knowledge and skills beyond my wildest imaginings, I left with the addition of wonderful friendships with my hosts, and the  two other classmates taking the course at that time. I arrived with sorry, damaged dolls, departed with restored, gorgeous dolls, that I myself restored! We covered so much information, in those two weeks on every type of doll, on all methods of restoration, as well as information as to how to offer doll restoration services to others, as a business.  I have nothing but praise for Janie, her teaching skills, her patience, her ability to impart her knowledge to others, of varying skill levels. Not only is Janie an accomplished, highly respected, sought after restoration expert, she has the capacity to encourage, to teach students, the many very challenging aspects of doll restoration! Janie has students who have come from as far away as England and Australia for her course offerings! Barb Kull
Barb Kull is very excited about her own plans to continue with doll restoration, since taking Janie’s course. At 60, I’m looking at starting a 2nd career, one that I am passionate about, and view as being most enjoyable on so many levels! From my own experience, doll people are some of the nicest people that I have ever encountered!


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 Process & FAQ

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The doll arrived today and she is awesome, I know Mom will treasure her as she did as a child. I want to thank you for your time...

Tim Stone