Armand Marseille Floradora . . . . .


After all put back together with a dress that is a replica of a factory original, she is ready to go home!



A complete restore is  always interesting when I open a box in which the owner declares “I had to buy her because she has such a sweet face.” That is the long and short of how this doll came to be restored. She retained her upper thighs, one full and one half arm and her torso. Her poor head had multiple breaks from a large section gone from the rim, to a large crack at the back, temple and on her forehead. After appropriate parts were installed, her body repaired and her head received invisible restoration, she is indeed lovely.

Customer Comment:

“WOW JANIE!!!!!!   Man!!! INCREDIBLE!!!!OK, first of all… Good Morning! Nice way to start the day today! Thank you!!!  The doll is AWESOME!!! It is so INCREDIBLE that she went from a nasty pile of dust, and bisque to a beautiful doll!! WOW!! And the dress!! IMPRESSIVE INDEED!!! Not only do you show how she looked before and after, but you certainly show the actual process of her head going through the various steps of restoring it to ‘as new’ condition!! AWESOME!!! I just cannot find the right words to describe how cool it is to see your amazing work done on this doll! And yeah, she sure is a beautiful doll! It definitely is more a piece of artwork than just a play thing! Never in a million years did I think she would look this good!! AWESOME!!!!  Felipe Nistal”


Before – missing lower leg parts and one arm


Note crack in side of head


Crack to the back of head


Additional damage

IMG_7515 IMG_7520 IMG_7528 IMG_7524

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We received the doll yesterday. She arrived in great shape and looks EXCELLENT! We are very pleased with the job you did.
Thank You

Paul Wilde