Antique Fabric

Antique fabric selections are available for dolls from the 1850 to 1920’s.   China and bisque head dolls wore cotton and silk fabrics.

A common antique fabric selection for a china doll was  a cotton print.  Additional finish details would be the use of  cording and lace trims.  Clothing for a bisque head doll featured a fancier dress,  including silk, and satin.  many Bisque head dolls wore assorted versions of white fabric dresses.     Antique Child has available an assortment in limited quantities of the finer fabrics.   Custom orders are available.


A – lawn back with TINY row of red flowers


B – Brown & yellow strip & circle


C – Tiny black & gray stripes


D – Black with white diagonal line of floral


E – tan with green diagonal line of floral


F- Black with floral & stripe diagonal line

cotton fabbric

G – Sage green with dk gr leaf


H – Burgundy with lighter leaves

antqiue fabric selections

I – Navy blue & floral

antique fabric selections

J – tan with burgundy hearts

antique fabric

K – Tan with red flowers

antique floral selections

L – Blue with individual floral flowers

antique fabric

M – lightweight satin with brown diamonds and metallic thread

antique fabric selection in satin

N – Lightweight satin with navy and metallic thread pattern

antique fabric

O – Antique white, TINY blue/black design

antique fabric in burgundy

P – Burgundy and white stripe

antique fabric

Q – Lawn with light and dk gold stripe, metallic accent


antique fabric

R – Lawn and pink, green and purple stripes

antique fabric

S – Blue with floral and script stripe

antique fabric

T – Smoky blue with off white flowers and dot trim



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