Antique China Dolls – Common Repair and Restoration Issues

Common repair and restoration issues that come of with antique china dolls are, of course breakage, rubbing of the color on the hair and features and discoloration of previous restoration.  In years past the *fix* for antique china dolls in covering up repairs was to paint the area and then spray with an art or acrylic.  While the acrylic spray covered up a world of imperfect work, it also discolored and yellowed over time.  Modern methods used by Antique Child Doll Restoration do not have these same results.  The finish we use does not discolor over time so you should never have to worry about discoloration again! 

Prime examples of discolored & broken shoulder plates in antique china dolls.CLICK photo to Enlarge
china shoulder plate  china head discolored repair
china yellow plate back china yellow plate
blondbisque8 IMG_3176 china curly top IMG_3175

civil war era china head

completed invisible restoration of china shoulder plate

1850 restored china head

Before with almost no shoulder plate.

large blond china

Shoulder plate broken off on both sides.

large blond china doll

After shoulder plate restored.

1860 Pearce before (3)

1860 china head with 1/3 of shoulder plate gone

1860  Pearce after (7)

After with china shoulder plate restored

Dolly Madison 007

Dolly Madison – Before with completely broken shoulder plate

1870 Dolly Madison China Head

1870 Dolly Madison China Head – After

Currier and Ives china doll head

Rare china head with top of head gone.


curls restored.



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