Alice Doll Dress

Wonderful Alice in Wonderland  or Alice doll dress that was sold on some selected American Character dolls of the 1950’s American Character was the creator of the hard plastic girl dolls, Sweet Sue, vinyl Toni and Betsy McCall.  The hard plastic girls dolls of the 1950’s were all similar in size and wore each others clothing. This Alice doll dress for dolls is made of blue taffeta with a delicate dimity-like embroidered lawn apron was a featured outfit for the Sweet Alice Walker doll, also by American Character.

American Character Alice in Wonderland dress Sweet Sue, Toni , Betsy McCall

Original Advertisement for Sweet Alice

Alice doll dress Alice doll dress

Alice in Wonderland
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I was in shock you could put all those pieces back together so beautifully. . . unbelievable work. Sheryl Riley

Sheryl Riley