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Doll Sailor Suit

Who can resist a doll sailor suit?  This charming sailor suit  can be made to suit your boy or girl doll.  The boy version set includes draw string pants, front snap sailor uniform shirt with ties and sailor beret.    The girl version includes a gathered skirt with yoke bodice and sailor collar, blue ribbon tie and sailor beret.  This great sailor suit for your antique doll  is made of  100% cotton  antique white fabric with an allover tiny raised diamond pattern. This antique doll sailor suit can be fitted for a variety of dolls, including composition as well as bisque head character dolls.  As measurements might be slightly different, please include head size for beret and waist size.   If you need one for a ball jointed, leather body doll or composition child doll, please email me for details.

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Antique Doll Sailor Suit

Doll Sailor Suit Boy Version

Doll sailor suit for antique dolls

Doll Sailor Suit Girl Version


Shirley Temple Sailor Dress

Shirley Temple sailor dress and hat Shirley Temple sailor  dress and hatSailor Dress
From the movie Poor Little Rich Girl this classic Shirley Temple sailor dress comes has a matching hat.  Made in lightweight batiste, this navy dress features  braid around the sleeves and a sailor collar with contrasting buttons and ties. Available in red and navy. Not included, but available is the combination slip and teddy (Onsie) worn underneath this dress.

ST Navy Sailor Dress

White Fabric

White fabric was commonly used for dolls and people clothing.  Colored fabric of the period was not Color Fast so quickly faded with each wash. White fabric was easily bleached and stayed nicer  longer. With the average person having only a few pieces of clothing, it was important to make clothing last and pass on to siblings.

All  fabric shown is Lawn or Quilt weight and of premium quality.    Designs include a raised (Jacquard) pattern, sewn on (embroidered) or machine enhanced (open weave).   These subtle designs create lovely, understated, elegant doll clothing.  White fabric lends itself well yo most designs.  To flash up the outfit printed fabric can be added for color. Also available is white Organdy in soft and stiff, which is excellent for collars, bonnets and aprons.

Some of the dresses offered at Antique Child featuring this fabric are shown throughout the site.

White fabric Dottedf Swiss

A – Lawn dotted Swiss

Dotted Swiss

white fabric

B – Lawn, floral embroidery

white fabric stripes

C – Lawn stripes (1″ apart)

white fabric eyelet

D – Lawn, eyelet design

white fabric dotted swiss

E – Semi sheer dotted Swiss  Dotted Swiss

white fabric open weave

F – Quilt weight, open weave stripes

IMG_6244cotton fabric Jacquard diamonds

G – Quilt Weight, tiny Jacquard diamonds – CLICK  sailor outfit

white fabric open weave

H – Lightweight single row open weave

White fabric Jacquard square

I – Quilt weight Jacquard squares

Composition Dolls for Sale

 13″ Kewpie with no maker marks. The composition is a bit darker than what I have seen on most so have no idea of maker. 5 piece composition body wearing replica jumper. Composition is in excellent with  crazing on left arm only. Purchase will be billed through PayPal with shipping added. $199.00

Composition Kewpie Doll

Composition Kewpie Doll

Composition Kewpie Doll

Composition Kewpie Doll Back

Composition Kewpie Doll

Composition Kewpie Doll Face


Composition Kewpie

22" Ideal Flirty Eyed Composition Doll13″ This Kewpie is near mint condition with her original Kewpie label on her chest. Her finish is great is near undetectable crazing. She has authentic Kewpie wings on her back. $235.00

Kewpie with Wings & Label

Kewpie with Wings & Label

Kewpie with Wings & Label

Kewpie with Wings & Label Front View

Kewpie with Wings & Label

Kewpie with Wings & Label Back View

Composition Kewpie with Wings & Original Label

22" Ideal Flirty Eyed Composition Doll
22″ Ideal Mama Doll

  22″ Ideal Mama doll with flirty eyes and ORIGINAL  hang tag, wearing a replica floral vintage organdy and cotton voile dress and matching bonnet.  Included is a cotton slip, pantaloons, rayon socks and oilcloth shoes. Restored.
20" Flossie Flirt 20" Ideal Sweetie Pie

20″ Flossie Flirt

   20″ Ideal Flossie with those great flirty eyes!!  Dressed up and ready for display she is wearing a pink organdy Mama dress and bonnet, cotton slip and pantaloons. Restored.
Deco Grumpy Deco Grumpy

16″ Deco Grumpy



ORIGINAL 16″ Deco Grumpy  with a composition head and arms with a bent leg cloth body.  I don’t know why he is so unhappy because he is dressed in the most darling cotton jumper with embriodery across the yoke and a brass buckle to keep his britches in place! The Grumpy has always been a highly desirable character doll that has charmed children (and adults) for many years.
Mama doll for saleMama Doll for sale
20″ Mama Doll

19″ ALL ORIGINAL Mama Doll. You don’t find these very often in original condition with original clothing. This Mama doll has composition head and arms, cloth body and legs. She is wearing her original organdy dress and bonnet with cotton slip and diaper, original oil cloth shoes and  cotton socks.  She has a mark on the back of her head, but it is unreadble.
Effanbee Bubbles doll for sale 17" Effanbee Bubbles

17″ Bubbles

  17″ Effanbee  Bubbles 1924, fully marked with  composition head, arms and bent leg baby body.  He is wearing a 100% cotton sailor outfit. Restored.
19" Patsy Patsy look alike

19″ Patsy


Composition 1920 Effanbee Bubbbles

Effanbee Bubbles! 18″ 1927 Bubbles fully marked on shoulder plate with Effanbee Dolls , walk talk sleep, Made in USA.  The voice box is mute. This doll has been fully restored and is in pristine condition.  The fabric body is strong with no rips or tears. Wearing a cotton sailor suit and cotton socks, this doll is ready to display.  $325.00

Effanbee Bubbles Composition Doll

Face Effanbee Bubbles Composition Doll

Effanbee Bubbles Composition Doll

Effanbee Bubbles Composition Doll in Sailor Suit

1920 Bubbles by Effanbee

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 Process & FAQ

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