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Dotted Swiss Doll Dress

This dotted Swiss doll dress is a copy of a Circa 1880 child doll dress.   Made of a semi-sheer dotted Swiss voile, the dress is quite elegant. Accenting the dotted Swiss doll dress is a panel of eyelet down the front and around the eyelet skirt. Puffed sleeves are roomy enough for both leather bodies and ball jointed body dolls.  As a final touch, tie backs have been added for just the right fit.     NOTE:  Eyelet styles change with the larger sizes. Slip recommended for semi-sheer garments.  As seen photo shown with drop waist cotton slip also available.    Hats available in selected sizes with your choice of flowers $15 upon request.

Dotted Swiss Doll Dress Dotted Swiss Doll Dress
IMG_9023 IMG_9037



White Fabric

White fabric was commonly used for dolls and people clothing.  Colored fabric of the period was not Color Fast so quickly faded with each wash. White fabric was easily bleached and stayed nicer  longer. With the average person having only a few pieces of clothing, it was important to make clothing last and pass on to siblings.

All  fabric shown is Lawn or Quilt weight and of premium quality.    Designs include a raised (Jacquard) pattern, sewn on (embroidered) or machine enhanced (open weave).   These subtle designs create lovely, understated, elegant doll clothing.  White fabric lends itself well yo most designs.  To flash up the outfit printed fabric can be added for color. Also available is white Organdy in soft and stiff, which is excellent for collars, bonnets and aprons.

Some of the dresses offered at Antique Child featuring this fabric are shown throughout the site.

White fabric Dottedf Swiss

A – Lawn dotted Swiss

Dotted Swiss

white fabric

B – Lawn, floral embroidery

white fabric stripes

C – Lawn stripes (1″ apart)

white fabric eyelet

D – Lawn, eyelet design

white fabric dotted swiss

E – Semi sheer dotted Swiss  Dotted Swiss

white fabric open weave

F – Quilt weight, open weave stripes

IMG_6244cotton fabric Jacquard diamonds

G – Quilt Weight, tiny Jacquard diamonds – CLICK  sailor outfit

white fabric open weave

H – Lightweight single row open weave

White fabric Jacquard square

I – Quilt weight Jacquard squares

Peaches ‘n Cream Doll Dress

The peaches ‘n cream doll dress set includes as drop waist dress and cap bonnet.  Made of lightweight off white dotted Swiss fabric and accented with cotton lace in a very light peach color, the peaches ‘n cream doll dress set is very flattering and versatile.  The sleeves are made a bit longer so that they can be pushed up to be as puffy as you would like on your German or French ball jointed dolls OR they can be slid down for a long sleeve on your leather body doll.  The dress set features a soft contrast between the cream dotted Swiss and antique lace.  There is a satin tie at the drop waist to adjust to your doll’s body.  NOTE: because of the semi-sheer nature of the fabric, this doll is displayed with a drop waist cotton slip sold here at Antique Child.

Peaches 'n Cream Doll Dress


Peaches 'n Cream Doll Dress

Puffed sleeve view

Peaches 'n Cream Doll Dress for antique dolls

Full Front View

Custom Size? email me!

Peaches 'n Cream Doll Dress long sleeve option

Long sleeve option

Peaches 'n Cream Doll Dress back view

Back view


Doll Clothing for Bleuette & other 11" – 12" Dolls

Bleuette is a small articulated bisque headed doll made in Paris from 1905 until 1957.   She was the invention of the Paris publisher,  Henri Gautier, and his staff at the girls’ magazine, La Semaine de Suzette, published every Thursday from 1905 until 1960, with six years off due to the German occupation of France during WWII.  Bleuette springs from the fashion doll and the magazine mannequin traditions.  Her continued popularity is mainly due to her stylish wardrobe, which came from two sources: magazine sewing patterns and ready-made clothing.    Bleuette doll measurements are:  11″ – 12″  Shoulders 3″,   Waist   6″,   Hips 7 1/2

Bleuette Sail Boat Dress

Bleuette dropped waist clip white lawn dress

White Dotted Swiss Drop Waist

Children at Play Jumper

Bleuette Sail Boat & Tulip Dress

1930 replica fabric Bleuette dress with puffed sleeves and pin tuck front. Dropped waist with rayon belt featuring a silver buckle.  1930 printed fabric featuring boats, wind mills, Holland figures and tulips. Dress is 100% cotton

Dotted Swiss Lawn Dress 

This darling dropped waist dress features a gathered neckline, bell sleeves and hemline ruffle.  The dropped waist holds a silk ribbon that slides easily in the beading casement for just the right fit.  Fabric is 100% cotton clip dot Swiss.  The fabric is semi-sheer so a straight slip is included.

Bleuette Children at Play Jumper

Done in a 1930’s print of children playing with a ball and ring, this peach and red tone Bleuette empire style jumper with straight short sleeves trimmed in antique lace. The jumper has long, legs, gathered at the hem.  The Bleuette jumper is accented with a red nylon belt and silver rope. buckle. (hat not included)


Bleuette Dresses

Eyelet Dress

Eyelet dress in assorted styles for your special doll.

Eyelet dress in drop waist style Eyelet dress in white cotton has long been a staple for Victorian children and doll wear. Made in a traditional dropped waist style, the eyelet dress is made with 100% cotton.  Because tastes are different, most dresses and bonnet selections are custom with fabric choices in lawn, voile, eyelet and dotted Swiss fabrics.   Sizes available 12-30. If you have a custom size or style you like, choose closest size and I will send you a form to note measurements. 

The drop waist dress is appropriate for most German and French doll.  It first appeared  during the 1910’s as a depart from the restricted styles of the Victorian age.  The style displays straight silhouettes, vertical lines and an apparent lack of a waistline.  Thanks to the flappers of the 1920’s,  the hemline went up so that most were just below the knee. 

** NEW authentic eyelet dress and white fabrics arriving often!

DW Eyelet Dresses Size
Custom size? note HERE

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