1930 Composition Baby

This 1930 composition baby doll is an early one with metal decal eyes.  Her  composition head, arms and legs were held together with band aids and electrical tape. When removed, the composition showed a lot of damage and was cracked, separated and highly unstable.  After extensive filling, she was able to be restored to a very cute doll.

1930 Composition Baby  before showing side of head 1930 Composition Baby  after side of head
 Composition Baby  back of head  Composition Baby  after side of head
 1930 Composition Baby  full body  All done with cleaned body 1930 Composition Baby

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Process & FAQ
 Process & FAQ

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Oh, Janie, I am so pleased. The girls arrived and they are absolutely gorgeous. I am taking them for my mom to see today...

Peggy Flynn
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