1920 Smoking Bed Doll

This 1920 Smoking Bed Doll was a social declaration of the Woman’s Movement and women independence.  Fashion was no longer the tight constricted hour-glass figure of the past, but loose fitting, unrestricted to mirror society changes in woman roles.    Women no longer retired to the back rooms while the men had their smokes, but  smoked right along side.  This 1920 smoking bed doll was made with a composition head and all cloth body with the typical extra long arms and legs for positing.   Her custom outfit reflects the flapper era as well as the Art Deco period.  Made of burgundy rayon, the flapper dress is accented with mink cuffs and stole with 1920 brass button accent.  The Art Deco style bead work is featured on the cuffs and drop waist as well as headband.  No respecting flapper assembly would be complete without and ostrich feather! which accents the headband.

1920 smoking bed doll in chair

Wow! I need a smoke after that beauty treatment!

   Before smoking bed doll  After face 1920 bed doll  Before front view 1920 bed doll
    Before side view 1920 bed doll  After face 1920 bed doll  1920 smoking bed doll

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The doll arrived and she is absolutely beautiful. You did an outstanding job on her, I was going to sell her but now I am definitely keeping her for my ...

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