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Organdy hemstitch baby doll dress

NEW Baby Doll Dress in Organdy with Hemstitching

 What’s Old is New!

To bring you the very best in replica antique and

vintage doll clothing, we are excited to announce

an antique hemstitcher is now being used to make

doll clothing, dresses and accessories.

What does a hemstitcher do? CLICK PHOTO

Antique Child Doll Restoration


Antique Child Doll Restoration has custom and

rack doll clothing for your special doll. Clothing,

slips, underwear, shoes, socks and accessories

are available for dolls 1850 to 1950.



~ Antique Child Doll Restoration has

Full Service Doll Repair! ~

Looking for a Career Change?
German advertising doll

A career in doll repair introduces you to the greatest people and personal stories. Click Photo for FULL Story



Consider a career in Doll Repair, Restoration & Conservation for  those that are passionate about dolls.  Antique Child offers hands-on training in  a full range of doll repair techniques, and supplies you with the needed basics to start your business.  In addition,  instruction in effective doll business practices and web site training is provided. Even after you leave Antique Child your learning is never over.  Mentoring and assistance is open to all students who complete the  doll restoration and doll repair career training. 


Antique Child specializes in professional doll repair, doll restoration and doll clothing, utilizing authentic period fabrics, laces and patterns for your antique, vintage or not so old doll. Certificated in Professional Doll Restoration, your doll will receive the very best.

 Featured Restorations!! 
Jumeau 10 Restored

French Jumeau 10


Bartenstein 2 face wax doll head front BEFORE

Fritz Bartenstein 2 Face Wax Doll


Creche Figure Doll

Complete Military ensemble

Meet the General!

Click on Image to See Full Story

Featured Custom Costume

1870 Promenade Dress

This detailed silk promenade dress with embroidery is a sample of a CUSTOM costume, available to those who wish the best for their heirloom dolls! The doll clothes includes exquisite custom under clothes, double dress, lapels, shawl and hat.


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Surprise Doll . . . . What’s In a Face?

The answer is HISTORY. This 1894 Art Fabric Mills rag doll has been hidden for over 100 years. Her body had been used for a large 1850 china doll head.

Art Fabric Mills rag doll
The Beginning

 Member of

Doll Doctor Association  *  UFDC   United Federation of Doll Clubs * American Federation of Independent Business Women

Museum consultant and materials contribution for 

Owyhee County Historical Museum – Murphy, Idaho &

Basque Museum & Cultural Center – Boise, Idaho


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Bid & Shipping Information

Ordering custom clothing is sometimes scary. The doll was such a family treasure the owner was reluctant to send her. When the clothes arrived he was thrilled . . . . .

Thomas Stark