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Antique Child French Fashion cage doll

Lovely doll fashion!

New Projects in Authentic Clothing

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 Looking for a Career Change?    Consider a career in Doll Repair, Restoration & Conservation.  Antique Child Doll Restoration offers hands-on training.  Doll repair is done  in a full range of techniques.  Training teaches needed basics to start your business.  Instruction in effective doll business practices and web site training is provided.  After you leave Antique Child, your learning is never over.  Mentoring and help is open to all students who complete the doll restoration and doll repair career training. CLICK HERE

Featured Custom Costume

1870 Promenade Dress

This detailed silk promenade dress with is a sample of a CUSTOM costume.  Do you want the best for their heirloom dolls?   Customize  fashions!  Doll clothing is and exquisite  under clothes, double dress, lapels, shawl and hat.

Antique Child Doll Restoration doll clothing

Lola Montera cabuchon parian

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Surprise Doll . . . . What’s In a Face?

The answer is HISTORY. This 1894 Art Fabric Mills rag doll has been hidden for over 100 years. Her body was used for a large 1850 china doll head.

Antique Child Doll Restoration doll repair

Art Fabric Mills rag doll


Member of

Doll Restoration Society *  United Federation of Doll Clubs * American Federation of Independent Business Women

Museum consultant and materials contribution for 

  Owyhee County Historical Museum– Murphy, Idaho 

Basque Museum & Cultural Center – Boise, Idaho

Henry Franc MuseumWilmington, DE

Winterthur Garden, Museum and Library –  Winterthur, DE

Daughters of Utah PioneersSpanish Forks, UT 

North Attleborough Historical Society Attleborough, MS

Greenboro Historical Museum Greensboro, NC





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Process & FAQ
 Process & FAQ

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